Body and Mind Camp 3 - Written by Sabi Phagura - Body and Mind Camp - Bootcamp Kent, London, Essex

25th July 2016by admin0

As soon as I woke up I felt my calves. Yep they were there and still attached to me – just really painful. But I tried to do the ‘mind over body’ technique in my head and told myself ‘If I don’t think about it, the pain will go away.’ Luckily we started an hour later than scheduled so the extra hour in bed (until 7am!) was much welcomed. I lay there to make the most of it but the grounds here are so wonderful I decided to get up and make myself a herbal tea and admire them from the bedroom window before the looming tabata session.

Those calves decided to want attention again because as soon as I started the warm up they were aching. In fact I felt most parts of my body. Still, not one to give up I kept going and Gary like before was encouraging without being a menace. I got through the session and actually enjoyed it.

Food really is gorgeous here and my mini scrambled egg and spinach breakfast went down a treat. I’m definitely happy that I’m choosing protein over Granola which tasty as it is isn’t enough to fuel me for round two. Today we had to box inside in the grandeur hall way with a sweeping staircase to the top. But before I have a chance to don my boxing gloves Gary had other ideas. He had myself and two others running up and down those (once wonderful ) stairs interspersed with sets of body weight exercises. Those stairs are tough! Doing four rounds in one session is mental but we did five sessions!

And it wasn’t over – Gary included an upper body workout too with boxing. This time we carried out three boxing exercises for one minute each, followed by 20 seconds and then 10. Try doing that five times over with very little rest. I’m wondering how I am able to type at all!

I was looking forward to my snack even though I wasn’t hugely hungry mainly because I’ve not had time to think about food. Still I feel with food being rationed I pounce on my soaked oat, nuts, seeds, cranberries and raisin style flapjack. I only had to wait an hour or so before chicken, sweet potato and salad was served.


As session number two was only an hour long, Gary suggested we go for a short one hour walk and return for a third power bag session. But our mini group of three – which included hypnotist Rob – ventured out further in the pouring rain and extended it into three hours! We may have returned soaked to the core and freezing but we managed to discover the famous Craggy Rock in the woods and gleefully posed for photos. As a result we managed to get out of the third training session as clearly the pounding we did was not a walk in the park. Oh and I was wearing that weighted armour jacket too so I worked doubly hard.

Dinner was slightly delayed today and I was anxious to eat. I guess I felt I deserved it after that tiring and strenuous walk. The Rude Health beetroot bar was lovely but I was hungry. But dinner was worth the wait as always – the salmon asparagus, cous cous and a massive salad was awesome.

Mentally I’m exhausted not to mention physically but the other campers have assured me I will feel better tomorrow and my body will have adjusted. I do feel good for working hard but there’s no denying it that I can barely hold a conversation. I’m in bed by half 8. It’s nice to enjoy the peace and quiet though- especially the birds and wildlife I could hear outside my room as I drifted off into a deep sleep.



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